Arda Wigs

In a rush to find a costume for Haven 2015, I went through a hundred or so different cosplay ideas that I hoped would work for me. I was going to go in Steam Punk, but then I though I could do a little better than that. So, next I thought I might try my hand at a Gijinka of Haunter, who is my one of my favorite Pokemon. Sadly. nobody knew what the hell a Gijinka was so I had to throw that idea out the window. After all, drunk Yannie isn’t so good at explaining things without resorting to sexual demonstration or violence, and nobody wants to be violated by an inebriated haunter humanoid.

Obviously, I now know I will be cosplaying as Alice from Alice:Madness Returns at Haven 2015 but that doesn’t help the fact I preemptively purchased a purple wig for my Haunter Gijinka. So, I have a bright purple wig lying around the house, much to Phillip’s delight. I had completely forgotten about its existence until Phillip seductively danced his way into the kitchen, singing a song off key and donning my wig. I then decided it would be the perfect thing to blog about, considering many of my readers and friends of this blog are preparing various cosplays as I type this!

Now, you can get wigs from just about anywhere these days, with most costume shops and craft store having a fairly ample collection to choose from. However when you go to so much trouble of designing a costume and creating it from scratch, you want the finer details to be on point. Hair is one of those components of a cosplay that can make or break  a cosplay so most people want to go that extra length and source a quality wig to suit their purposes. It all comes down to what the individual cosplayer needs. Do you need the hair to part a certain way to achieve the look? Are you going to have to heat style it? Do you plan on dyeing it after purchase? All these factors must come into play before you buy the wig or you might just be left with a frizzy unusable hairpiece on the day of the big event.

I personally knew of Arda Wigs before I decided to purchase a wig because it’s a pretty popular entity in the Cosplaying world. They are a business that really prides itself on its high quality, highly workable wigs and accessories. All you need to do is spend 5 minutes in their gallery to realize the full extent of their fan base. When you have that kind of presence in such a huge industry, it is obvious that you are doing something right within your business. Being a Chicago based company, means that as an Australian, I have to pay a little more for shipping and wait just that little longer, but you don’t really notice it when the total price comes to around 48 dollars and it takes just under 14 days to arrive at the door.

I was a little dubious as to how the hell this wig was supposed to fit a top my head but a quick trip to the Arda website and I learnt not only how to wear it, but how to care for it and style it accordingly. It’s like owning a really fluffy purple kitten! These wigs come with a really awesome lace skull cap, which is adjustable with these little straps. I choose the ‘Ferrari’ style in Plum, which is a medium length wig restyled to have curls and choppy layers. I really love the color in person – it’s dark and lush but goes really bright in different lighting. It holds it’s style really well without needing any touching up and is so wearable that I could see myself wearing it any day without feeling like an idiot.

I can honestly say that I wouldn’t mind starting a little Arda wig collection just to wear on days I feel like being a little different. There is a plethora of colors and styles and you can even create your own wig with lacefront wigs and single wefts. Don’t ask me how – it looks a little complicated to me but it’s obviously possible from all the awesome gallery pictures on the site. I am still tossing between whether I will dye my hair black or splurge for the ‘Eowyn’ wig in Raven.. I think I might just do it any way – it’s not like I would never use it.

Do you have a favorite place to source your wigs? Any hilarious stories with wig mishaps? Let me know in the comments below!



It has been just over a year since the release of Hearthstone and I think it is high time I got off my ass and gave it a review. I mean, after all, Hearthstone is growing more and more each day what with its availability on PC, most tablets and smartphones. A quick internet search says that the player base was somewhere around the 75 million mark in January, and is steadily rising as Hearthstone continues to gain momentum.

Collectible card games are not exactly a new concept or genre, with many popular games getting around, such as Might & Magic or even Magic the Gathering Online. Each game in the genre does differ in parts, but the core basis of the game is never-changing – you collect cards, build a deck and battle others with it. So why is Hearthstone so popular with today’s gamer?

Well, It’s not meeting new people, that’s for sure. Unless you take the time to add a player to your friend list, the likelihood that you will ever have a conversation with the people you play against is basically zero. Sure, you can use the emote feature of the game – which will make your champion say something to your opponent – such as a taunt, a thank you or a hello. I suppose this eliminates any chance for a toxic environment, but it does leave something missing in a social aspect. Hilariously enough, if people really want to be toxic, they can choose to add you and send you angry messages, as Phillip has learnt.

Hearthstone has an incredibly popular competitive scene, with Ranked play being something that is streamed around the world on twitch. If you don’t have a lot of time to build a great competitive deck and climb the Ranked ladder, you can jump on Twitch and watch someone do it in a few hours. For some people, competitive Ranked is all that this game is, but that’s so not true. Hearthstone has an excellent single player story line, with two expansions being released so far and more to be expected in the future. These ‘Solo Adventures’ are well worth the time and money, giving the player hours worth of entertainment and unlocking special rewards that are almost always brilliant cards that can slot into any deck well.

Speaking of money, Hearthstone works upon a ‘Free to Play’ system, but with the choice to use real money via micro transactions. Some people choose to go 100% free to play, earning in-game gold to pay for their booster packs and expansions.I think this makes the time and effort even more rewarding, when you unlock cards or parts of the game through sheer effort. I personally prefer not to spend money on booster packs, choosing instead to unlock them with in-game gold. I do purchase the expansions with my real Australian dollars, just so I can have access to the whole expansion as soon as possible. Patience isn’t my strongest virtue.

The cards themselves are so varied in nature that it can be rather overwhelming to choose what deck to play. You have neutral cards that can slot into any deck easily, and you have class specific cards that tend to have a similar theme. The classes in the game are also very varied, with a choice between nine separate classes – Mage, Warrior, Hunter, Paladin, Priest, Shaman,Warlock, Druid and Rogue. By choosing a deck from one of these classes, you also choose your hero who hail from the Warcraft universe. I personally prefer Hunter, Druid and Mage but they are all pretty awesome once you figure them out.

Game play is incredibly smooth and simple, with you only needing to click and drag cards onto the battlefield. Being a turn based game, there is a timer in place to keep the games momentum going. You can choose to cast spells and play creatures with a deeper mana pool as the game goes on. Hero powers are also a cool mechanic, allowing the player to have a nifty little power that benefits their deck by giving a slight advantage such as a burn spell or card draw.


Honestly, I love Hearthstone and I think it is an excellent game for when you just want to sit back and play something simple that still has a competitive edge. It’s definitely not a casual game, but it is rather forgiving if you only play it every so often. It just means that you have to chase the ever-changing meta, which can be exciting in itself. I really think Hearthstone is going to get bigger and more competitive, and I look forward to playing alongside my friends, climbing the ranked ladder over and over again each month. Even if it is only so I can get all the different unlockable card backs.

Also on a side note, If any of my readers live in or around Mackay, Queensland and plan on attending Haven Video Game and Pop Culture Expo 2015, you can get excited about the Hearthstone booth and Goldshire Inn replica! I know I am. There will be free Wi-Fi so bring along your smartphones, tablets and laptops if you are game. I know I will be, and I look forward to meeting new players and having a chance to test my new decks outside of ranked play. Also, if you do play hearthstone and you would like to give me a game, please feel free to add me on! My handle is Kimani#1114 and I’d love to meet you at the inn table!


It’s beginning to sound a lot like cosplay season where I live at the moment, which makes sense considering there are only two conventions in my town and both are coming soon. Of course, with the inevitable whisperings of potential costumes, not to mention all the half-finished costume selfies on my social media, I can’t help but get a little excited at the prospect of cosplay.

Now that I actually have a sewing machine and a basic knowledge of sewing, I am looking forward to actually creating my own costume for next year. I sourced my Alice: Madness Returns costume online and it was made impossibly big, which sucks considering they were sent accurate measurements and the costume cost me almost $200. NEVER AGAIN. I will never be 100% comfortable in this costume as it doesn’t do wonders for my shape due to the fact a potato sack has more definition.

So, without further ado, here are a few cosplay ideas I have been swishing around in my head! Please bear in mind that there are limits I choose to place on myself when it comes to cosplay. No one wants to see my ass in a cat woman costume, nor should I ever attempt a Mileena outfit. I PROMISE. Obviously, I would have to slightly alter the outfit to make it a little more ‘fatty friendly’ and some purists would more than likely be annoyed with this. To them, I say suck it up. At the end of the day, I want to be comfortable and feel good.

No, it’s not because I love cake, although I am sure it would help. Obviously a prerequisite of this cosplay is that to make it genuine.. you gotta be fat. Sure, you can use padding but then you would be weak. It would be a rather simple costume to make, after all it is simply a frilly frock with a white bow. I think a huge piece of cake is also a mandatory prop.. although sadly it would have to be fake.


LILIANA OF THE VEIL – Magic the Gathering
This is a cosplay that I really do want to attempt because it involves a really sexy vamp dress. Of course, I would make it a mildly less skimpy version, say like the Liliana of the Veil version. Phillip already has a Jace costume from a few years ago, so it would be a match made in the Multiverse. I think the dress wouldn’t be too difficult, but special attention would have to be taken to get all the finer details. Also, that crown would be so fun to attempt!


I think everyone needs a steam punk get-up in their arsenal, even if it isn’t considered a ‘cosplay’ as such. I personally would like something a little funky – such as a steam punk explorer outfit, but anything will do so long as leather corsets and white cotton blouses are involved. I would probably have to source the corset from a store, meaning only the little details and the skirt would be handmade by myself. Still, a well done steam punk costume is always well received, and I find corsets incredibly sexy and comfy, so I am certain I will get much use out of at least the corset.


RAVEN – DC Universe
I kind of have a minor lesbian crush on Raven.. so cosplaying as Raven is really simple progression. I would rather more of a long dress version of her outfit as opposed to her leotard, something with a deep split in the side so you know I still mean business. The costume it’s self looks rather simple, but I would definitely have to make use of some full body spanx because the dress would be rather clingy and grab at curves that I would rather stay hidden.


Myriam – Diablo III
She is a mother fucking mystic, so you know that costume is going to come out looking really awesome. Not to mention, she isn’t the first thing people think of when they decided to cosplay Diablo, so I am going to end up with something unique. Also, she is curvy herself, so Ia think the cut of the outfit may be a little more flattering as opposed to some of my other choices. Obviously, this costume would be one of the more time-consuming of the lot, due to all the little gypsy details on her outfit, not to mention that huge ass fancy staff.


Anyway, they are the costumes I am most interested in attempting to cosplay as next year. Let me know in  the comment section below what you have been cosplaying as recently of who your dream cosplay is.

Black Mirror


Color me disturbed, with just a few splotches here and there of technological distrust.

I stumbled across Black Mirror after deciding that my life needed another anthology that isn’t American Horror story, considering how disappointed I am with the direction that show has taken since the end of AHS Asylum. I have a strange affinity for Sci-Fi and Horror anthologies, but admittedly I tend to read more of them than watch them on television. So, after watching 4 episodes of this show, I knew I must review it.

Black Mirror is a cautionary tale of just how dangerous it may be to become dependent on technology but it is also so much more than that. It shines quite a glaring light on the darker side of humanity, highlighting the fragility of society, our relationships and how self-destructive we can get when given a few tools and a reason. As the episodes progress, they seem to get more meaningful, more disturbing and creepy. They are thought-provoking, and I found I was asking myself how I would react if I was in the main characters position? Would I fuck that pig to save a life? If I could access a video stream of my memories, would I live my life, or spend it analyzing my memories? Would I want a software copy of myself living on after my death, preventing my loved ones from moving on?

The series made me think, but it really made me uncomfortable, and I think that was what I enjoyed the most about it. I wasn’t scared or anything – that’s not what the series is about. It’s main focus is to make you wary of just how much technology plays a role in our life and how the circumstances found in each episode could in theory be put to use in our world. It’s not that much of a leap to find someone has kidnapped a highly respected person and held them to ransom, streaming the entire thing online. Granted, I don’t exactly see Tony Abbot lining up to fuck a pig for the kidnapped person’s release, but it’s very plausible.

The series utilizes different actors for each episode, which I was grateful for. I find that when characters are recurring throughout an anthology, I tend to carry over emotional connections from characters they played previously in episodes before. It taints the experience when you hate a character because the actress played a real bitch in the previous episode. The episodes are all very different in nature, and are all very watchable, but not all had the same eerie effect on me. I think it was because some of the episodes are so rationally possible that it makes it impossible not to watch with abated breath.

This is a series I think any Science Fiction aficionado needs to have in their repertoire, because it really is that good. It’s filled with many a twist and turn and it keeps you guessing and thinking, making it quite an interactive experience. Season 3 is allegedly a thing set to go forward, but that is pure speculation on my part. It has been confirmed however, that an american version of the series is looking to be released in 2016, which makes me curious but uncertain if it will give me the same amount of enjoyment. After all, this series  was unashamed to be British,and that’s what made it truly unique. I mean.. we all witnessed the abomination that was the US version of Skins right? AM I RIGHT?

Oh, by the way – I would fuck a pig to save a life but I certainly wouldn’t enjoy it, I would rather not have access to every memory ever because I’d rather forget my transgressions and please.. do not create a software version of me after I die.

Never Alone (Kisima Innitchuna)


As a gamer, you either love indie games, or you do not. There are gamers out there that choose to play mostly indie games, while there are others that only play AAA games. It doesn’t make you more or less of a gamer, it just comes down to preference.

I personally tend to play most games, be it AAA or indie in nature. There is something alluring about an indie game that draws me in every time. I suppose it is the notion that there is a small group of people who have taken their idea and created a beautiful game with little to no finance and with a small presence in the industry. They take bigger risks, they have more room to develop and grow their games with a smaller chance for success. After all, as sad as it is, if you aren’t a well-known entity in the gaming industry, you have to work harder to reach your audience. Simply put, Indie developers and their games are ballsy as hell.

Never Alone (Kisima Innitchuna being Inupait for “I am not alone”)) is an indie game that I stumbled upon through the PlayStation subscription service known as Playstation Play. It is available on both the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One and on the PC, through the use of Steam. It was developed by Upper One Games, a company launched by the Cook Inlet Tribal Council, making the company the first company in the industry owned by Indigenous Americans, which I find pretty awesome in itself. Unsurprisingly, Upper One game developers worked very closely with Inupait communities to create Never Alone, which is an excellent example of just how successful an indie game title can become.

Never Alone is an interactive puzzle platformer depicting a tale about the adventures of a young Inupait girl named Nuna and her arctic fox companion. Together, the girl and her fox travel the Alaskan wilderness and beyond in a fashion that allows a beautiful story to be woven. You see, this game is heavily based on Inupait lore and stories, which really shine due to the use of informative ‘insights’. These Insights come to us in the form of small video snippets depicting many different factors of the Alaskan Inupait life, from thick ice to why caribou pelt makes the best clothing. These videos act as sort of commentary, but they are so much more than that in theory. They tie in beautifully with the game play, as they provide real insight both on an educational level and in the game itself. Every time you come across an owl on your journey, you unlock a snippet of history which I found as rewarding as solving a puzzle in-game.

When it comes the atmospheric aspects of Never Alone, it really delivers on your expectations of a beautiful drawn experience. The game developers decided to stick with the Inupait themes that play out in the game and drew the cut scenes in an art style known as Scrimshaw. Scrimshaw is a traditional Inupait practice, in which Ivory or baleen was carved to depict intricate stories, so it plays in well with Never Alone’s story. The environments that the game takes you through are beautiful representations of the Alaskan wilderness. I was amazed with the developers ability to make different types of snow and ice look beautiful, let alone the attention to detail that was used when drawing Nuna and Fox. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised when given the option to choose between different languages at the start and then hearing the story unfold in an Inupait dialect. It turns out that the story line is told to the player in the form of a storyteller telling a community an Alaskan tale. It turns out I had simply chosen English subtitles, and I was glad about it. You see, I think that the use of Inupait dialect works an important detail to weave the atmosphere of Never Alone.

In terms of gameplay, Never Alone doesn’t really break any records – it is your generic puzzle platformer. It provides the player with a variety of puzzles that start off simple and eventually increase in difficulty as you progress through the game. I must admit that there were times where I got a little stuck, not realizing that my fox could creep a little further up a wall to reach that high place, but all in all, the puzzles are only really there as way to make it seem like you are working towards an end. The controls are fluid for the most part, the only thing I found a complaint with was the goddamn Bolas, which used the right analog stick. You have to tilt it back in the direction you want and then tilt it in the opposite direction to release. It turns out that doing that proves to be a very difficult activity for me to complete. So, unsurprisingly, there were some choice words mumbled under my breath whenever I had to use the Bolas. Hilariously, the Bolas doesn’t act as a weapon so much as an integral puzzle solving tool.. so I swore a lot. It’s playable in both Co-op and Solo, but I played it solo because I don’t have any friends. Also, I hate Co-op platforming because it ruins all friendships. I could see how co-op might help the game flow a little more, as opposed to having to switch characters every few seconds for their individual skills, but it’s the time spent doing that is pretty small anyway, so it is no huge deal.

All in all, Never Alone is an indie game that I would easily recommend to everyone. In fact, I think it would be an indie game I would recommend to someone who isn’t sold on indie games and what they have to offer. It is the perfect example of what an indie game can become. The developers took their idea, which was very much out of the box, and they created a beautiful game that serves more than one purpose. It is a an interactive and beautiful game in which you become attached to the characters and invested in their journey. It is also an informative documentary, shining light on a culture that for the most part, tends to fly under the radar.

Bioshock Infinite


I don’t really do first person shooters. I actually don’t do any person shooters, and if I do, I am that one person getting around meleeing like her little life depends on it. I just can’t do it. Don’t get me wrong, I try. Goddamnit, I try hard. I simply can not do it. Eh, such is life, I suppose. So, I found myself very surprised to be installing Bioshock Infinite onto my PS3. Firstly, I was surprised to be installing it because I have no idea how I even got a copy in the first place. I certainly know I didn’t by it – you know.. because I don’t play games with guns in them. Secondly, while I don’t have a huge collection of PS3 games, the ones I do have are brilliant. It was really weird of me to try Bioshock Infinite out on a whim, because I really don’t do whims.

The first thing I noticed was the general beauty of the universe that the developers (Irrational Games) have managed to create. Not only is the game very polished and mesmerizingly beautiful, but it manages to hold its own against the newer games out 2 years later, and on much more powerful consoles to boot. I am not even over exaggerating – this game is gorgeous. It started out as a sweet and lovely utopia, I found myself oohing and ahhing as I made my way to the Monument Statue. When the game decided to introduce me to the art of Melee combat ( woot woot), I literally recoiled in horror as brains and sinew splattered the pristine world that is Columbia.

Oh, and the racism! Right before I was startled by the melee brutality, I was asked to throw a baseball at a couple of black people tied to a post. I must admit, I did do a double take then I sort of felt uncomfortable as I noticed they were surrounded by a ‘jungle’ and a couple of black monkeys.. If you get my drift. I mean, it’s held in 1912, so I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised, but it still made me just that little bit uncomfortable, in a.. should we not be addressing this blatant racism? kinda way. It didn’t take me long to realise that this was a very intellectual ploy to underline just how wrong the notion of a ‘pristine Columbia’ really was. I must say, I like what the developers were attempting to achieve here, and I think it plays out well.

It didn’t take me long to realise that Columbia was supposed to be the epitome of.. well.. American Exceptionalism tainted with just a little ( a lot) of fascism. I suppose I don’t know how to word that in a way that won’t offend, but you have to believe me when I say that every aspect of Columbia screams it. Government and religion is entangled in a dangerous web, with the leader being both the leader of the state and the leader of his own religion. So, along with his religious teachings, you have a little racial purity, violence and hate for the poor thrown in for good measure. To me, as an agnostic sane person, it doesn’t make sense but in this story, it works so beautifully. The american exceptionalism is highlighted through a number of different aspects of the game. The currency is the silver eagle, the founding fathers are all worshipped as deities and the state itself was created by America as a grander way to show the world just how amazing it is. Lord knows that backfired, considering Columbia broke away from America because it had begun to go against what Columbia stood for.

To be honest, the battle mechanics of the games are not overly challenging over all, but they serve well to tide you over in between the integral moments in the storyline. And believe you me, the storyline is.. well.. you really need to see it for yourself, because I don’t plan on spoiling it for you. I am yet to complete the game 100 percent, because I literally only just began it this afternoon. So obviously, I don’t have all the storyline to base my opinion on. But from the storyline I do have, I can see why this game has such a huge cult following. It’s a truly enthralling plotline in which you truly feel for the character’s involved. Slowly but surely, you notice that Columbia loses its utopian glow, becoming increasingly more sinister and dystopian in nature. While I have my theories about what is happening, I have the feeling that these theories are nothing more than that. this seems like a game with many twists and turns in plot, which makes me even more enthusiastic to play.

While this game isn’t exactly a hardcore, bullets flying shooter, it does manage to provide a level of difficulty that forces me to think before I run in like a mad man with an unlimited supply of bullets and a death wish. You can have two guns of your choice, which isn’t as limiting as you’d expect. This is due to those awesome spell like skills known as ‘vigors’ that come in the coolest freaking bottles known to mankind. As in, ‘I am in the process of sourcing replicas’ kind of cool. These vigors are incredibly powerful tools that if used correctly, can be game changers in a fight. They kind of work like a mana based spell, but instead of mana, requires ‘salts’. In hindsight, ‘salts’ seem like a pretty fucking awesome mechanic to utilise in a game based in 1912. You also pick up ‘gear’ which give you quirky little boosts and abilities.

Look, from the amount of gameplay I have been exposed to, I am thinking there is a reason this game has its cult following. It’s not so much cutting edge in its battle system and gameplay, but it’s that sweet, sweet storyline and beautiful game world that will reel me in every time. As incredibly douchey as the following statement might be, I have the feeling this might be one of those games that leave you with questions and will stick with you. All in all, I look forward to finish this game in all it’s racist, xenophobic and mildly cult like glory.

Introduction to Tabletop Role-Playing Games

It’s no secret that my mantra when it comes to things like this is that if you think you are being held back from gaming because you are female, chances are it’s in your head. Unfortunately, I discovered that like most things, there are situations where this doesn’t hold up. Nothing like first hand experience to prove you wrong, am I right?

A couple of years back, I got really interested in breaking into the Dungeons and Dragons scene in my small town. I had heard from a few friends in the scene that the best way to go about it was to join the local RP Facebook page and chat with the community. So off I went, adding myself to the page and signing up for a role-playing game known as Vampire ( World of Darkness). I was super excited, and I was warned that some people get really and it can get a little intense. I assured the Dungeon Master that didn’t worry me at all, in fact I really looked forward to delving into a little character creation and developing my own little character. So, I began my character creation and was super, duper excited for the first night of Vampire. Until.. I started getting some really creepy and some really gross messages from a couple of the members of the group. I can deal with some eclectic individuals, that doesn’t really phase me. But pictures of semi flaccid penises tend to make me reevaluate my life choices. Needless to say, I left the group and put my RP days behind me.

That was, until recently. I was approached by a really awesome guy at work who knew me from my Magic the Gathering escapades and asked whether I might be interested to try a different role-playing game known as Earth Dawn. I was instantly reminded of those slimy looking phallic pictures that I had received previously but I pushed through those terrible memories and agreed to check it out. So, without further ado, here is a brief expose on my second attempt at table top role-playing.

You instantly get singled out as a female.
Not even playing when I say that the very first thing said upon me entering the room was “Oh hey, it’s the chick from Magic!” The best thing is that I wasn’t even mad. I mean, yeah, it’s pretty obvious that I am a chick and it’s great that my two main markers are that I have a vagina and I play Magic the Gathering. It served as the best kind of ice breaker, I literally knew one person in the room and it instantly gave me a subject to talk to the guys with. We had a great little side chat about the current meta-game in MtG and where everyone stands with the latest set. So yeah, I went through the whole OH LOOK A GIIIRL deal, but it was over before it had begun.

No matter how useful you believe you have made your character, you are beyond useless in the eyes of your team mates.
When I took Emotion Song as a Beast Tamer, I figured it would come in real handy. You know, for when we encountered grumpy orcs who want to munch our faces off. A simple roll for Perception and BLAM – those pesky Orcs are in tears on the ground. In theory, it was beautiful. As soon as someone realized I had this skill, the jokes began. It was amusing, I am not going to lie. I made it my life goal to cast Emotion Song on EVERY GODDAMN THING we came into contact with that wanted to eat us. Turns out we only encountered one group of Orcs and damned it if one of those bastards didn’t break down in tears.

If you aren’t screaming, you are doing it wrong.
I get the feeling that Earthsea as well as all other tabletop RPGs, are a small affair of like 4 – 6 people. Anything more, and you are fighting so hard to do anything. Now, I am happy to admit that this problem could simply be because I was new to the group and unsure of myself in this particular setting. But.. there were a lot of people, and when something was going down, it was a real battle to get your actions across. People were rolling Perception while others were shouting general profanities and pissing off the NPCs. It was hilarious chaos. You seriously had to be there to realize just how awesome it was. For like.. 2 hours. Then I just wanted to really immerse myself into the story line and progress, which was really difficult when there were like 20 people who wanted different things.

It’s all about the storyline.
I’m really not easily entertained and it can be almost impossible to keep my attention for long periods of time. So, how do you keep Leanna’s attention? With an incredibly immersive story line! I seriously don’t know how you Dungeon Masters do it, and I have to give it to my friend who DM’ed for us in Earth Dawn, he really put in some effort. He had prepared world maps, and town maps for us Adventurers. He obviously has put in some thought with character back stories and the quests and I found it flowed really well with the characters personalities. It also ensured that all the newer role players had learning experiences within the story line itself, such as how time passes, how combat works and how general consequences work in game. The DM was sure quick on his feet when reacting to the tomfoolery that ensued when we would encounter an obstacle. He found many unique ways to punish our rash decision making. It takes some serious skill to be so inherently evil. Kudos.

Think before you open your fat mouth.
I have never wanted to reach over a table and slap a person as much as I did during my time in the Earth Dawn Universe. And it wasn’t even limited to my fellow team mates. There were plenty of times I wished I would have simply shut my mouth and thought through my decision process, instead of deciding to scream my intentions out in game, causing infamy and sadness. Ever been fearful of entering a library because they all hate you? Been there, done that. If you think you have an awesome idea, you don’t. Sshhhh.

All in all, I met some really awesome people, I got to experience some really well written story lines and I had quite a great experience. I am really glad I got to have a 2nd chance when it comes to tabletop role playing games, and that my overall opinion of them is no longer tarnished by a few horny losers with a camera. I’m not going to lie, I think I would prefer to try it in a smaller setting with a little less competition to get things done. I mean, 5 hours of screaming is really hard if you aren’t in a Norwegian death metal band. I also think I’d love to branch out into Dungeons and Dragons, maybe even try a little bit of Dungeon Mastering myself. I mean, I know of some really douche like DMs that have their own little games going, and if they can do it, I guess I can. I get the feeling that D&D will be a little more my style – classic fantasy is kind of my lady jam. Elves and shit, doing generic quests for gold and bitches. Either way, I am pretty keen for my blossoming potentials in the Role-playing world.